Sweet Myrrh Resin  -

Sweet Myrrh Resin -

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Protection, purification, cleansing, exorcisms, spiritual growth, to help relieve sorrow after tragedy, healing.

Myrrh in Magic and Religion
Myrrh oil can be used for purification and preparation for ritual, myrrh resin may be burned as incense for purification, exorcism, protection, and healing. Also, for funerary rites, connection with the dead and the underworld.

Myrrh gum/resin is a suitable offering for Ra, Isis, Adonis, Leto, Nereus, Poseidon, Neptune, Latona, Protogonos.

Myrrh incense resonates with the energy of Mars

Large Jar - 25ml (27X70mm)
Small Jar - 7ml (22X40mm)