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Juniper Berry -

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Protection, exorcism, healing, calms the nerves, love and repels snakes.

Juniper Magick
Juniper corresponds to the energy of Saturn or Jupiter and the element Fire. The Juniper tree is sacred to Apollo, Ashera, Astarte.

Juniper is mentioned as a suitable incense for ritual offerings and ingredients for sacred fires in a variety of European, Mediterranean, and Native American sources. It burns readily with a pleasant fragrance and charcoal made of juniper seems to be suitable for burning incense. The leaves may be bundled and burned and used as a purifying and protective fumigant to ward off any unpleasantness, including disease and sanctify an object or space. In Scotland, Juniper was burned for the needfyre when disease threatened5 and for staining as well as in cattle sheds at the winter holidays to ensure their protection. In Central Europe, Juniper berries and rue were burned in Walpurgis Night to keep away “witches”6. Juniper appears to be the fumigant of choice in Siberia7 where is it used for ritual purification and blessing of sacrifices, ritual objects, and people and animals.

Juniper is also a relatively common ingredient in Kyphi (Kapet), incense used in ancient Egyptian temples and households8.

Jupiter wood may also be burned during divination.

Juniper oil, branches or berries may be effectively added to anti-theft spells. Frau Wachholder is the goblin of the Juniper tree who may be evoked help discover a theif by bending the tree’s branches9. Powwows or Long Lost Friend describes pinning a juniper bush under a rock to compel a thief to return stolen goods (It also references Juniper for a number of healing remedies). Scott Cunningham in The Magical Household describes an anti-theft charm including Juniper berries, elder leaves or mistletoe, caraway, and rosemary. Carry a sprig of juniper with you or keep some berries in your pocket to protect against thieves while you’re out and about and keep some in your car to keep that safe too.

Juniper can also be used as a protective charm against troublesome spirits as well as thieves. The tree itself can be grown near the door or along the path to the house, branches spread out on the ground around the entrance or boughs hung above entrances.

It is said that a juniper shrub or tree is a particularly effective and magical hiding place. Perhaps juniper can be added to hiding and invisibility charms as well.

Juniper berries can be used in love spells, particularly to enhance male interest and potency. Steep in wine and drink a few sips daily to increase male virility. Steep in vinegar and add it to your bath to make yourself more attractive to men or apply it directly to the genitals (diluted with water) to increase male interest in them. Or add it to a bath you’re sharing. Juniper berries and their essential oils make for a nice “masculine” scent for men’s cosmetics (aftershave, beard oil, etc.). Use with due caution.

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