Idea blanchardi kuhni

Idea blanchardi kuhni

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This real butterfly specimen is framed and ready for display making for a perfect present for any butterfly lover!

Meet the Idea Blanchardi, commonly known as the Rice Paper butterfly - a beautiful black and white butterfly with large, delicate, paper-thin wings. This butterfly species is native to Malaysia and Indonesia and can be found in forested habitats. The Idea Blanchardi belongs to a genus of butterflies known as tree nymphs or rice paper butterflies from Indonesia.

If you're looking for a unique piece of nature artwork, consider adding this real pink taxidermy butterfly specimen to your collection. It comes framed in a floating desktop frame and will fit in perfectly with your other natural oddities. Surprise any butterfly lover with this stunning butterfly specimen that is ready for display. Its beauty and uniqueness make it a perfect gift for any occasion.

This framed real butterfly specimen is an excellent addition to any cabinet of curiosities or classroom educational tool. The critter pictured represents what you will receive, and they are all equally stunning.

5X7 Inch Black Frame

Any dried butterfly, moth, mantis, and other insect are natural products and therefore not perfect. Not all specimens look exactly the same and therefore slight deviations in patterns and colors are possible. Due to its frail nature, the legs and antennae are not guaranteed intact. If you have any concerns or issues with this item/shipment, please reach out to us through Etsy. Your happiness with your new friend is important to us.

Determining the ethical sourcing of insects is a complex issue, and what is considered ethical can vary from person to person. However, we source our insects from trustworthy suppliers who assure us that their specimens are ethically sourced. We take their word for it and strive to promote responsible practices in the insect trade.

Our insect and butterfly specimens are sustainably sourced, farm-raised, and collected ethically after death. Butterfly/Insect farming practices across the globe assist in protecting the natural habitats of these critters from commercial farming and deforestation. This helps to maintain populations of all flora and fauna on the protected land, promoting more habitat for procreation. Moreover, locals in these areas can earn a fair wage through farming while simultaneously preventing deforestation.


White butterflies represent purity and spiritual transformation. There are many folklore stories about white butterflies. Some say they represent good luck and prosperity. Others say their presence is a sign of an angel watching over you. 

Throughout history, the butterfly has held great significance as a symbol of transformation, hope, and faith. Due to its multiple life cycles - from larva to caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally, a stunning, flying butterfly - it is also associated with rebirth. Butterfly symbolism can represent change, growth, development, a fresh start, and inner peace. If you find yourself frequently encountering butterflies or feeling drawn to them, it may be a positive indication that you should embrace change in your life.  

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