Hell with Satan -  Orcagna - 111  -  PRINT

Hell with Satan - Orcagna - 111 - PRINT

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Hell with Satan and punishment of sinners by demons Questo el inferno del chapo santo di Pisa (title on object) - Hell presented as described in Dante's Inferno. Satan is seated in the middle with a sinner in each of his three mouths. In different layers sinners are shown who have for example committed themselves to stinginess and lust. They are punished by demons. At the top right you can see a gaping mouth of the monster Leviatan. Attributed to Orcagna Andrea di Cione -
8.5 X 11 Inch - Reproduction printed on parchment paper.
*Many of these originals are hundreds of years old so it's a given they would be in need of some polishing. Each print has been digitally scanned or photographed from the original and we’ve touched them up to eliminate any major blemishes, distortions, tears or missing parts.
If interested in any particular size or print material, please let us know. We can likely pull it off for you.