Extra-Terrestrials Among Us -SOFTCOVER

Extra-Terrestrials Among Us -SOFTCOVER

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George C. Andrews

You know the government's opinion of UFOs: They're all fakes, mistakes, or swamp gas. But imagine what it might be like if the government took ETs seriously. What would they do if aliens contacted you? Maybe they'd hide you — keep you quarantined under armed guard — to keep you from telling the truth,

There is a law on the books right now which gives the government the right to do exactly that! Does that sound like the government doesn't take ETs seriously?

Can you handle the truth? If you're ready for the book that blows the lid off this UFO cover-up and breaks open a "Cosmic Watergate," you must read Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George C. Andrews.

The revelations in this book are going to shock you. The author researched the evidence for ET intervention in human affairs for more than a decade before presenting his startling conclusions in Extra-Terrestrials Among Us. The result is an exciting challenge to "orthodox" thinking and the die-hard skeptics. It will broaden your perception about the world we really live in.

In Extra-Terrestrials Among Us you will discover documented case histories of:

Cattle mutilations
Impossible lights in the sky
Circular flying machines
Strange disappearances
Weird objects falling from the sky
Spontaneous human combustion

The result will lead you to the only conclusion possible, we are not alone!