Albrecht Dürer - The Four Witches - 110  -  PRINT

Albrecht Dürer - The Four Witches - 110 - PRINT

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Naked Ladies by Albrecht Dürer - This print may show three witches initiating a young woman into their circle, although their exact identity is unknown. It is the first engraving Durer ever made that he dated. On the sphere above their heads is the date 1497, but the accompanying letters ‘O.G.H.’ have defied explanation. The skulls and bones scattered at their feet are indicators of magic and invocation, where the burning devil in the lower-left reiterates the presence of evil. The classically inspired pose is reminiscent of The Three Graces, and their beauty sets these women apart from the traditionally idea of witches as grotesque. (1471 - 1528) -

8.5 X 11 Inch - Reproduction printed on parchment paper.

*Many of these originals are hundreds of years old so it's a given they would be in need of some polishing. Each print has been digitally scanned or photographed from the original and we’ve touched them up to eliminate any major blemishes, distortions, tears or missing parts.
If interested in any particular size or print material, please let us know. We can likely pull it off for you.